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Xiaomi Cloud: Features

About Xiaomi Cloud:

Xiaomi Cloud is comparable to Google Drive, where it allows you store images, phone numbers, text-messages, calls and the site of your phone based on the GPS. Inorder to get these features you need to have a Mi Account made by Xiaomi.

Create or Sign-in Mi Cloud from here. Then go to your phone settings > Mi Account and Sync your data.

Mi Cloud Features:

  • Storage of 5 GB for free.
  • Contacts (add, delete, modify, merge or restore).
  • Gallery (add, delete, modify, merge or restore).
  • Messages. (You can easily view & store your important messages on Mi Cloud).
  • Notes (add, delete, modify, merge or restore).
  • Recordings (add, delete, modify, merge or restore).
  • Find your device (This function helps your to find your device, However if the device is lost then you can easily get the last location and also you can delete important data).

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