Top 7 Free And New Android Apps For November 2019

It’s the first week of November and we’re done with our list of new, new and free Android apps. Some of these will help improve your telephone experience with many folds. Although we have talked about handy browsers and e-mail apps in our previous editions, this edition is slightly different.

Here we have listed two of the best tools that will help you reduce the number of unnecessary phone activities. Apart from that, we have a cool message app and an interesting music player.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s start!

The Google Play Store has more than its share of launchers. From function-rich launchers such as Nova Launcher to clean launchers such as Rootless Launcher, there are many launchers that you can try. And of course the right app makes you more productive in the long run. Zone launcher, however, is not one of those typical launchers. This runs on top of your current launcher and lets you run frequently used apps directly.

All you have to do is choose the apps you want in the list, and the next time you swipe to the left or right of your phone’s screen. And well, it works like a charm without any hiccups.

Numerous adjustment options are available. From choosing the position of the block to the number of apps / shortcuts you want, you can do them all. It’s clear that you have to give a few app permissions to make it work as expected. After the app is set up, swipe in and navigate without lifting your finger to the app you want to launch. And that’s it!

If Zone Launcher was launching your frequently used apps, UbikiTouch is about defining custom controls. Just like above, the left / right controls are attached and you can define the desired controls. That comes into use, especially if you have a long phone such as the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, where it’s a bit hard to reach for the on / off button or the Quick settings panel.

UbikiTouch offers six controls as standard. Moreover, you can choose from three different designs – Pie, Curve or Wave. I liked the cake because it was a bit easy to handle. It has been useful on multiple occasions – opening the Power menu (it’s too far for my taste) or calling Google Assistant. In addition, you can also adjust the behavior and response time depending on your convenience.

Setting up UbikiTouch may seem a bit complicated at first with all manuals. However, once you understand how it works, it’s a walk in the park. You must prioritize your actions based on their importance and assign them correctly.

If the audio output of your phone does not meet your standard, you can give the Boom 3D app a chance. This is a volume booster and equalizer app that not only increases the total system volume. 3D Surround Sound is the most important feature and it delivers positional surround sound on the headphones.

The fact that it is not dependent on hardware is the icing on the cake. At the time of writing, Boom 3D works on the offline numbers of your phone and supports a number of music streaming services such as Tidal and Spotify (Premium).

It also bundles a handful of sound-related functions that you can play to adjust the audio output.

Threads is a special messaging app for Instagram. Unlike the Direct Message function of Instagram, which shows all your followers, you can choose here your followers or friends with whom you want to talk. Threads has a striking similarity with both Facebook Messenger and Instagram’s Close Friends feature. Using this app is easy. You must download and log in with your Instagram login details. When you’re done, select your friend with whom you want to chat, and that’s it.
You can also share photos and videos directly with your friends. And various handy shortcuts make work easier.

How often do you unlock your phone every day? If I were to view the Digital Wellbeing module of my phone, this would show a somewhat disturbing number – 41. Setting the background is a bit complicated. For that you need the Wallpaper app from Google. After you’ve installed both apps, you’ll find the background of the clock unlock in the Live category. If you want this number to be thrown in your face every time you unlock your phone, Google has a handy little app for you: unlock clock . Unlock Clock is one of the new experiments from Google. It counts the number of times you unlock the phone and displays it as your phone’s background. Cool right?

Setting the background is a bit complicated. For that you need the Wallpaper app from Google. After you have installed both apps, you will find the background of the clock unlocking in the Live category. This app has no beautiful backgrounds. You will find a gloomy gray background with a number instead. Hopefully the color ensures that we will not unlock our phones more than we should.

If you want to switch from your standard background app, you must give Wallhub a chance. It has a fairly large collection of Full HD and QHD backgrounds that you can use to customize the home screen of your phone. Wallhub has a simple and clear interface. You initially see random backgrounds in your feed. But if you want to refine your search, simply open the left menu and select one of the categories in the menu.

The MIUI Quick Settings is a handy app for Redmi telephone users. This is a no-frills app that brings all hard-to-reach phone settings under one roof. So whether it’s Power mode or the standard apps page, you can view them all in one tap thanks to this app.

Finding new apps and tools in the Google Play Store is no child’s play. And it’s easy to get lost in the crowd of similar-sounding app names. If you don’t know the name exactly, you can end up with an ad-driven app.

Which of these apps do you get first? You have to give Zone Launcher a chance. A vertical app drawer with your favorite apps helps you finish your work quickly and keeps your home screen clean. Win-win right?

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