The 5 Best Smartwatches 2019 In The Test

The new smartwatches from 2019 are there and differ greatly from their predecessors. Many functions have been added. When buying smart watches it can get confusing quickly. What can I expect from a smartwatch? What should I look out for before I buy? I introduce you to the best 10 Smartwatch models 2019.

Many smartwatch models in this review are unisex. Nevertheless, I have compared the best smartwatches for ladies in another article in 2019. For bloody beginners there is extensive purchasing advice at the end. But in practice it teaches the best, therefore: here are the best smartwatch models 2019. The perfect smartwatch is promised for everyone.

The Fossil Q Explorist is not the cheapest smartwatch in my selection – but by far the best value for money thanks to the many functions and the great craftsmanship. This Fossil Smartwatch 4th generation is currently a real bargain, because now the new 5th generation is on the market, which in my opinion is hardly better than the old version.

The large touchscreen makes operating the smartwatch child’s play. The Fossil Q can also be navigated via a digital crown. Two freely assignable pushers are particularly useful for quickly starting a timer or controlling the music. You can set which functions you assign to the pushers. Navigation is always something with a smartwatch – in this case Fossil did well.

I personally like the design of the Fossil Q very well. The round case of the Fossil Q ensures that this watch is not initially revealed as a smart watch. In particular, I want to emphasize the narrow screen edges of the AMOLED screen. The screen itself dissolves at a height of 454 × 454 pixels. It is clear and easy to read in bright sunlight.

Of course you can replace the dials in this smartwatch in no time. Moreover, the bracelets can be adjusted. The quick-change bracelets are supported with a blunt width of 22 mm. With a wide selection of watch straps you can adapt your Fossil Q Smartwatch to any look.

The fitness functions of the watch are sufficient for the average consumer. Compared to the previous generation, an optical heart rate monitor has now been added that measures your heart rate precisely at the wrist. Also integrated in the 4th generation is the integrated GPS. This makes accurate positioning possible, completely independent of your smartphone.

The Galaxy Watch and the Apple Watch have been competing for years. The Apple Watch 4 is still the better choice for iOS devices. But the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 also has some advantages. Unlike the Apple Watch, the Samsung Smartwatch with its round stainless steel case looks and feels like a high-quality wrist watch.

A great USP of the Galaxy Watch is the rotating ring. The operation works well in combination with the internal operating system. In our opinion, the Samsung bezel has the lead compared to the digital crown from Apple.

The most annoying thing about the Galaxy Smartwatch, however, is the internal “Bixby” speech assistant, one of the biggest errors in the Tizen operating system, but I assume that the assistant will improve over time.

In comparison with the Apple Watch 4 with 16 GB memory, the Galaxy Watch with its 4 GB storage capacity is clearly lost. This can be particularly problematic if you want to store a lot of music on the watch.

Are you looking for a smartwatch with a long battery life? Then the Samsung Galaxy Watch in the 46 mm version is exactly what you are looking for. With normal use, the battery lasts for about 4 days – which is considerably longer than the comparable models maintain. The smaller 42 mm version of the Smartwatch comes up to 3 days with daily use.

The new Apple Watch 4 is equipped with the typical updates: larger display, thinner housing, faster processor and more sensors. But the smartwatch is not perfect. But it’s incredibly scarce – but the Apple Watch is also incredibly expensive.

Is the Apple Smartwatch worth it? Yes – in my opinion only the LTE variant is and remains superfluous.

The 40 mm model has an OLED display that dissolves sharply with 394 x 394 pixels. As mentioned earlier, the display has continued to grow. Incidentally, the smallest Apple Watch 4 is now larger than the largest model of the third generation. The larger screen diagonal makes the operation of the smartwatch much easier.

Apple has also improved the performance of Siri. Now you no longer have to press on the digital crown for a long time, but you can speak to Siri directly with a simple gesture. The speaker has also become 50% louder – you can see that too.

The 4th Apple Watch generation has improved in terms of fitness. Finally, you can challenge friends to the competition or discover the new workouts. There are activities such as yoga or walking that are automatically recognized. The Apple Watch records your fitness data – without having to train manually.

This Huawei smartwatch also comes with a sleek watch design. The 454 x 454 AMOLED screen dissolves very well and is always easy to read.

There are many spare bracelets available, making the watch extremely versatile. For example, you can equip the watch with an elegant leather strap. The Watch GT is water resistant to 50 meters. The smartwatch can therefore be worn in the water – then a rubber bracelet is of course the best.

Of course this watch has a built-in heart rate monitor in the back of the case. Integrated GPS makes the Watch GT a semi-fitness watch. Both sensors (GPS + pulse) work accurately and reliably. However, not every fitness app is available. The error is the internal operating system. Unfortunately, there is not such an extensive App Store as you are used to from other smart watches.

The battery life is one of the biggest strengths of the Huawei Watch GT. Huawei provides the period with 14 days. Unfortunately, this is not entirely possible in practice. With daily use, the smartwatch creates a little more than a week of battery life. This is much more than the other models in my 2019 Smartwatch test.

The Diesel Smartwatch comes with a very masculine design. The Dress Smartwatch fits perfectly in the Diesel range. Above all, a good look is at the forefront of this smartwatch. This is supported by a large screen with a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels. Moreover, the Diesel app offers you a selection of exclusive watch faces.

Of course, the smartwatch not only looks good. The most important functions are also on board, for example a heart rate measurement on the wrist and even integrated GPS. As a sports watch you can use the diesel smart watch, but only in theory, because in practice the smart watch is just too big and awkward.

The battery will last approximately one day with normal use, you only need to use the most necessary functions, then you can extend the battery life to two days. Despite the low battery life, I believe that a good daily smart watch is provided here – provided that the unique design of the smart watch tells you that.