Is The Foldable Smartphone The Next Big Thing?

For some years there have been big rumors about the new foldable smartphones. The first concepts appeared years ago, but since this year the first announcements have been about the folding smartphone.

Since the announcement of Samsung, there have been quite a lot of news items about the first prototype from Samsung. After considerable problems, the trade has since been considerably postponed. But what are the possibilities of a foldable smartphone?

Hype of the next big thing
The biggest question is whether it will really bring about the revolution, just like a few years ago with the first iPhone. The announcement of the first iPhone was a revolution. There have not been major revolutions on the smartphone market for years. Of course there are currently many smartphones available which are also very interesting in terms of price with a telephone subscription.

Huawei, Samsung, Microsoft
Not only Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone. Huawei is also a significant step in the right direction with the Mate X. In addition to Samsung and Huawei, Microsoft is also working on a folding smartphone.

Microsoft will release its own smartphone on Android at the end of next year. The Surface Duo, will run on Android and is scheduled for the end of 2020. The copy of Microsoft contains two 5.6-inch screens. Together, the screen has a diagonal of 8.3 inches.

Huawei Mate X
The Huawei Mate X will appear in November. Huawei will compete with the Mate X with the Galaxy Fold. The Samsung device has already been delayed several times due to problems with the first copies.

The edition of the Huawei Mate X will be marketed in a limited edition. Huawei has also given the Mate X a decent price due to its exclusivity. It is sold from 17,000 yuan, more than 2,000 euros.

First brands
It is mainly waiting for the first copies, after the first successful releases the technology will be picked up quickly by other manufacturers. Not only Samsung, Huawei and Microsoft are busy. Apple, Motorola and Xiaomi are also working on folding technology.

It is clear to see that developments in the smartphone market are standing still. – almost every smartphone has a similar design and contains a large touchscreen. The real innovations have now been picked up by all brands. As a result, it is mainly waiting for the next big thing in the smartphone market. It could well be that the foldable smartphones will become new on the smartphone market after a few years of few innovations.