How To Create AOL Mail AOL Signup


AOL is a company based in New York City, America formerly it was known as AOL Inc. and officially known as American Online. It was formed in 24th May 1985. AOL Mail is an American based website also an online service provider marketed by Verizon Media.

Back in 80’s it was an online service known as PlayNET which hosted multiplayer games for Commodore 64. The PlayNET was licensed to the new service namely Quantum Link (Q-Link) which started in November 1985 after its launch the PlayNET was shut down.

The Q-Link was originally shutdown on 1st November 1995. While AOL grew to become one of the largest online services along with more than 3 million active users. However, AOL was the pioneers of the internet in 90’s and also the most recognized brand on the web in USA.

AOL Mail:

AOL Mail or AOLMail is also known as AIM Mail. However, AOL Mail Login has also offered its Email service but to paid users only through its AIO software package. They also launched their first free webmail service called AOLMail.

It was different from its traditional email program. Because it doesn’t require any third party software and available to anyone for free for anyone around the globe.

AOLMail is like other webmail services running over the Internet using the web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer etc.  It can also be accessed by the desktop email applications.

Back in October 1997 AOL Mail became the largest email provider company with over 9 million users. In July 2012 there were 24 million AOL Mail users.

Features of AOL Mail:

Following are the features of the AOL’s mail account:

  • Email attachments but limited to 25 MB only.
  • Mailbox Size: 1000 new message where as 4000 old and 4000 sent messages per user.
  • Supported protocols: SMTP, POP3 and IMAP
  • Can be linked to other email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.
  • You will see advertisement while using your email account.
  • Virus and Spam protection.
  • Spelling check.
  • Unsent email capability.
  • Email formats:,,, and as well.
  • Supports HTTPS/SSL.

If your AOL Mail account is inactive for 90 days (3 months) they might disable it and after 180 days (6 months) of inactivity they might also delete your account as well.

Don’t have an AOL’s Email Account? Let’s create one.

Creating AOL Mail Account:

  • First of all visit AOL Mail Login website and click on “Create Account”.
  • Similarly you have to enter your First Name and Last Name.
  • Next enter your desired email address.
  • Enter your password. (Make sure that your password must contain an Capital letter, numbers and special signs as well because it helps you to make a strong password).
  • Similarly select your country’s code and enter your mobile number. (It helps to secure your account more).
  • Now select your Date of Birth and Gender.
  • And finally click on Continue.
  • In the next window it will ask you to send the verification code to your mobile number that you have provided simply click on “Text me a verification Code”.
  • You’ll receive the verification code via text message check the message and enter the code. Once entered it will take you the next window.
  • In the next window it will tell you about your email that it has been created successfully now click on continue to start using the Mail.

AOL Mail Supported Platforms:

Mail by AOL can be accessed by any device which is connected to the internet like Cell phone, Laptop, Tablet and Computer etc.

AOL Mail on Windows:

We can access or create the mail account from any browser available for the Microsoft Windows. Simply visit

AOL Mail on Android:

Like other email provides it also has an android app. Hence you can download it from Google Playstore and start using your account.

AOL Mail on iOS:

AOL has also an app on iOS. You can simply download it by visit Apple Playstore and search for AOL Mail install and start using your mail account.

Also check the latest updates on Yahoo.

Accessing AOL Mail via Email Programs:

AOL Mail also provide access to your email account by using desktop email applications which is easier and you don’t have to log in into the web in order to check the latest email or send them.

IMAP/SMTP Support for AOL’s MAIL:

In simple words you don’t have to log in into the AOLMAIL’s website located at Although you can log in your account with the help of the email programs. Like Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express and Mailspring to check and send the latest emails. However, using the desktop email programs for AOLMAIL saves your time and  as a result it enable easy access to your AOLMAIL’s account .

Setting up AOL’s Mail with Email Programs via IMAP:

To use the Aol’s email account with the desktop email applications. However,  you’ll need to configure the IMAP and SMTP settings given below:

IMAP Settings:
Email AddressYour Email Address
PasswordYour Email’s Password


SMTP Settings:
Email AddressYour Email Address
PasswordYour Email’s Password


  1. How to login into your AOL’s mail account?
  • You can simply login into your AOL’s mail account by visiting “”.
  1. What if someone gets my email id and password?
  • You don’t have to worry about it because of the phone number you’ve added into your account while signing up. If someone tries to login into your account you’ll receive an OTP on you cellphone. Without OTP even if they have your credentials they are unable to access your account.
  1. Can we remove mobile number from our account?
  • Yes you can remove the mobile number from your account but once you have removed your mobile number it will become easy for the attackers to login into your account. However, when you remove your mobile number you’ll have to provide a secondary email address.
  1. How to reset the password if I forget it?
  • Visit “website” and enter your email address and click next now on bottom window click “Forget Password” it will show you the mobile number or your secondary email address (in case you’ve removed your mobile number) now click on “Text me a verification code” and you’ll receive it then enter it and change your password.
  1. Is mobile number more secure than secondary email?
  • Yes it is because it enables 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) which is more secure than secondary email and also if you’ve logged in from a different computer it will ask you for OTP which will be texted to your mobile number so you can get easily logged in.