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Halo Infinite: Release Date, Story, Gameplay and Trailers

About Game: Few video game franchises kind as large a portion of Xbox’s individuality as Halo and Microsoft knows it. Hard to not imagine the green super soldier that is Master Chief and hours fending off the Flood in Halo 6. Therefore it isn’t surprising that there’s an enormous new …

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Diablo 4: Release Date, Gameplay and Story

About Game: The upcoming game of the Diablo series is Diablo 4. It is set in the hot parts of the hell from BlizzCon 2019, Supported by an Almost 10 minute awesome statement trailer and roughly 3 mins game-play trailer. The predictable action and adventure RPG series has probably been …

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The Last of Us 2: Release Date, Story and Trailers

About Game: The last of us 2 by Naughty Dog placed in post-apocalyptic marvel. Which told a tale of love, loss and learn how to appreciate what little you have in a universe. That’s always falling apart around you. Nowadays, a movie is prepared to tear out our hearts around …

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Minecraft Dungeons: Release Date, News and Gameplay

About Game: Since the new game of the series Minecraft namely Minecraft Dungeons has revealed. Mojang was prepared to break on its very own humble laurels. As a programmer of a pop culture phenomenon. Up to now, Minecraft has offered over 175 million copies. That can be found on every …

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The 32 Most Anticipated Games From 2019

Given the nature of the gaming industry today, it is too early to read trends in this list much. Many games that we will see in 2019 have yet to be announced, or do not have a fixed release date. Yet it is encouraging to see a change in this list that …

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