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Top 7 Free And New Android Apps For November 2019

It’s the first week of November and we’re done with our list of new, new and free Android apps. Some of these will help improve your telephone experience with many folds. Although we have talked about handy browsers and e-mail apps in our previous editions, this edition is slightly different. Here we …

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15 Best Android Launcher Apps Updated 2019

Android start apps have long been an integral part of the Android experience. If you are not satisfied with the way your home screens look or behave, you can easily download an app to change everything. There is no doubt that Android launch apps have a much more diverse set of functions …

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18 Onmisbare Android-Apps

Just bought your first Android device? Or are you already familiar with the system, but still looking for a few golden apps? Then quickly read which 25 essential Android apps we have selected for you. We skip the well-known apps such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Maps, of course you already know them. …

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Best Android Launcher To Change The Start-Up Screen For Mobile

One of the best features of an Android phone is the ability to change and customize the home screen of the user interface smartphone, which is always managed by an application called launcher or Startup App. Depending on the brand of the purchased phone, there is a standard start-up application that …

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15 Most Advanced Android Apps You Need In 2019

Google Play Store offers millions of the most advanced Android applications available today. Starting from the song player application to the ghost tracking application that you can find there. Well, this time Caris Signal will view a list of the most advanced applications on Android that are used the most so far. These …

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