Best Android Launcher To Change The Start-Up Screen For Mobile

One of the best features of an Android phone is the ability to change and customize the home screen of the user interface smartphone, which is always managed by an application called launcher or Startup App. Depending on the brand of the purchased phone, there is a standard start-up application that depends on how the apps are organized and what the home screen looks like. The launchers therefore contain options for the number of start screens, shortcuts for favorite apps, widgets and the complete list of apps.

For this reason, every Android phone can look different and, for example, those who buy a Huawei mobile phone, find the Huawei Home or EMUI launcher, the Samsung have the TouchWiz launcher, ZenUI on Asus phones and so on. The great thing about the launcher is that if you find the one you prefer, it can be installed on any smartphone and always remains the same interface, regardless of brand and model.

On all Android smartphones, it is possible to choose an app launch program instead of the standard program, to change the way the phone is displayed in the main start screen, more beautiful or more convenient to use to your own taste. There are dozens of app starters in the Google Play Store for Android smartphones and in this list of Android starters that we often update, we try to discover the best Avvio apps that can maximize the personalization of the screen and offer added value to the phone, free to download.

1.Google Pixel standard smartphone launcher , with a round design, transparent menu bar at the bottom, reporting points, shortcut support, a bookmark bar, app tips and of course quick access to Google Search.

2. Lawnchair Launcher , which is still under development, but which can be tried for free without any problems. The startup program therefore offers the same Pixel startup experience, with Oreo shortcuts, configurable app icon packages and various customizations.

3.Nova Launcher is one of the best Android launchers out there, super customizable and always updated for the latest version of Android.

The icons can be changed by downloading packages from the store, there are options to customize the dock and the list of apps, you can see the frequently used apps, you can hide the top and bottom bars and many more.

If you like the free version, you absolutely must buy Nova Launcher Prime, which for years remains the best launcher for Android.

The reason for this appreciation lies in the mix of personalization, practicality and flexibility of Nova that has no equal.

4. The Microsoft Launcher for Android needs to be tested not only because of Microsoft, but also because since 2017 it has become a bit like Microsoft’s way to stay on the mobile market after the failure of Windows Phone.

The Microsoft Launcher has been greatly improved with continuous periodic updates, it integrates with other Microsoft apps such as Edge, Bing and Outlook and allows you to use the function that connects the phone to Windows 10.

5.Evie Launcher is an application that is highly appreciated in the votes and responses, excellent especially for the search function. Easy and quick to use, it has various customization options, while maintaining a minimalist and elegant look. There is a scroll bar on the left for quick access to all apps, a universal search function that lets you write down the name of an app, support for animated backgrounds, customizable app docks and other functions to optimize the home screen and the list of applications.

6.Little Launche r, by Xiaomi (but can be installed on all smartphones), pretty much the same as MIUI, very nice and modern, clean, essential and light, even if there aren’t too many customization options.

7.Square Home is the startup program that converts the Android interface to Windows Phone smartphones (which no longer exist), with large buttons to open apps and animated panels, very useful to facilitate the use of mobile phones.

8.C Launcher is an app that allows you to adjust the graphical representation of Android in a thousand different ways and then create icons, widgets and backgrounds or choose from the different templates that are already set up and can be downloaded for free. C Launcher has an exclusive home screen customization service with more than 700,000 themes and types loaded and shared by thousands of users. It has an app locker and a RAM cleaner, support for gestures and animated screen effects that overlap on the chosen background, such as snow or falling leaves.

9.Apex Launcher is one of the most popular Android app launchers, rich in features and aesthetically elegant. There are thousands of themes and icon packages that can be downloaded directly from the Play Store. It is a lightweight launcher optimized for smartphones and tablets that supports up to 9 customizable home screens, with features to hide apps from the list and sort them by title, installation date or how often they are used. By purchasing the pro version, you unlock more motion options and other adjustments and functions.

10.Solo Launcher allows users to refine the appearance of the launcher by choosing the theme and background and using a series of finger movements such as pinch, crawl, double-tap and more to manage the phone. The interface has the material design aspect of Google, while one of the best functions is also the universal search function and remains light on system resources.

11. Smart Launcher is one of the most minimal and lightest app launch programs, for those who want minimal memory consumption, without losing design and graphics. According to the instructions on the page, it uses artificial intelligence to search for apps, contacts, and websites. The list of applications consists of a sidebar that divides the apps by category. During the initial installation process you will be asked for the standard apps that are used, so that you no longer have problems choosing them. The “intelligent shutdown” function automatically turns the screen off when the phone is supported.

12.BlackBerry Launcher is the app of the new Blackberry Android, which works very well to manage received e-mails, messages and other notifications in one central point for quick access and response. This launcher can also be used on all Android phones, even non-Blackberry phones.

13. Action Launcher is one of the most popular launchers on the market, especially very fast and super adaptable. The most important and best functions of this application are: the ability to quickly change the background and theme of the screen, hidden folders, widget shortcuts and the alphabetical list of apps and to hide some.

14. Ga Launcher Ex is instead the most famous and (ever) best application to change the launcher and the appearance of the Android phone.

Go Launcher Ex is completely free, in Italian, without paid versions. The appearance of the home screen is very nice, with redesigned icons and different themes to choose and download from the market. There is also the functionality to quickly remove applications from the home screen (such as on iPhones). Go Launcher also has various transition effects when switching screens and integrating various practical tools.

15. Converting Android to an iPhone , the icons and menus so that they are identical to those of an iPhone and the iOS system is possible thanks to some launchers described in another article. It is actually a copy of iOS from the iPhone that does not have an app screen, but displays all your apps on the home screen. Unfortunately, the program does not support widgets that cannot be used. You can create folders to organize applications, drag icons, and delete applications, just like on the iPhone.

16.ADW Launcher 2 is the successor of one of the oldest and most popular launchers for Android, re-launched in a modern version with many modifications. It has a dynamic, colorful background-based interface, a collection of apps, transition effects, icon badges, app categorization and more.

17. AIO Launcher is a certain app that has no colored icons, no animation effects and no wide variety of themes, but uses the space on the phone screen to display interesting and important information. For example, it can display weather forecasts, RAM and internal memory usage, percentage of battery power, music playback controls, frequently used applications, frequent contacts, recently received SMS, e-mail, latest news from bookmarks, calendar, exchange rates and other information.

18.ASAP Launcher is one of the fastest starters of the app to use, without ads, with minimal images, without unnecessary features that can aggravate it.

19.APUS Launcher , described in another article, is one of the most installed with 5 million installations, fast and light, full of customization options.

20.Holo Launcher is a good solution for those who have an older smartphone and don’t want to change things, but still keep a launcher that is comparable to the standard Google one.