13 Newest Android Games In 2019

I don’t know who’s birthday, but Google Play is full of so many exciting games this week. Most are indeed paid games, but this is definitely better than IAP games with designs that will rob your wallet. In addition, Indosat users can already use the credit saving system, so it is no harm to try your first purchase by selecting one of the games below. Nice weekend.

1. Volt
Volt tells about the struggle of a legless battery trying to escape from a recycling plant. Because it has no legs, the Volt can only shoot light to hang up and reach the exit. However, this jet can only be fired with a limited amount. Through 60 offered levels you really have to use your brain to find a way out in the most efficient way. I happened to play Volt last year (beta) and was very impressed with the quality of the graphics and the very challenging level design (read: dying and repeating is your good friend).

2. Impossible Draw
Imagine moving into a virtual room with doors that open if you manage to make the same shape. If you see number one, draw number one, if you see a box, draw a box on the screen with your finger. Sounds simple, but when I tried it myself, I was surprised by how bad my image was. Making a good number 2 appears to be a challenge that had never been thought of before. If you cannot draw the requested object quickly, hit the door and the game ends. With good graphics and unusual gameplay, I recommend you try it.

3. Marvel Contest of Champions
Imagine that all Marvel characters come together and compete with each other in a simple yet addictive fighting game. In short, that’s what you get at the Marvel Contest of Champions. Glenn who has already made an example says that:

The excitement of this game lies not only in the fighting style, which is fairly simple and has bombastic effects, but also in the collection of heroes that you have. As a fan of super heroes of Marvel, collecting and increasing their strength to become a stronger team is an addiction for me.

4.Inferno 2
If you’ve ever played Inferno first, then Inferno 2 has the same face, full of colorful explosions, dramatic action and more enemy planes. The actions that you are going to play in this version can take you to a more dramatic level of difficulty. I say dramatically because Inferno 2 is indeed the largest and ambitious project of Radiangames with a large number of levels and the level of brutal action.

If you have played Shadowrun, Shadowrun: Dragonfall – DC is the newest extension. Via Shadowrun: Dragonfall – DC you get graphical updates such as visual effects and an improved display of the user interface. Unique for the mobile version of Dragonfall is that you do not first have to buy Shadowrun Returns, because the Dragonfall DLC variant is available on its own. For a better understanding of the story, you must of course first play the Shadowrun Returns version to understand the course of the conflict that occurred in the previous chapter.

6. Oddworld
Stranger’s Wrath was released on the Xbox almost ten years ago, a game that was well received by many fans and critics, taking you into a wild steampunk world with a variety of unique creatures. What is interesting about this game is of course the action game of game consoles in the console and more detailed remastered graphics. You can explore in a large industrial area.

When performing your actions, you get two points of view, namely third person (during adventure and reconnaissance) and first person during shooting action. I recommend Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath to enter your favorite action line for this weekend.

7.Dustoff Vietnam
This time the experience of playing a blocky game, but it looks very cool, you can get through a game made by Invictus Games (Ridge Racer Slipstream) entitled Dustoff Vietnam. In this action platform game you have to control the helicopter in action on the battlefield of Vietnam.

The concept of the Dustoff Vietnam game is similar to another cool game about helicopters, namely Chopper, where you have to save the hostages while shooting enemies on the platform. What I admire from Dustoff Vietnam is a cool, checkered image, with a background decoration that looks broad and certainly spoils the eyes.

8.Braveland Wizard
Bravely Wizard contains different fantasy elements with different heroes to choose from. You will adventure through various fierce battles between witch school graduates. To endure the fierce war between the magicians, you will be accompanied by a team with certain types of skills, such as monks, ice archers, elementalists, and so on.

9. Monster Hunter World
The game that is worn with a graphic display that is very charming has a gameplay that is quite unique and interesting. Where this game uses a multiplayer system that is not limited by regional boundaries, allowing us to play players of this game with different people abroad.

10.Crackdown 3
Is one of the games with the action genre made by Microsoft. Games that have been deliberately designed with a single player game system have a number of interesting functions.

Not only that, this game also has an open world nuance that is quite thick with a pretty exciting action.

This game, made by Bioware and EA, has a pretty good visual appearance and is comfortable for the eyes when played for a long period of time. Where the game has a third person shooter concept that takes the players to an exciting adventure.

12.Sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčThieves
The game with a pirate theme in the storyline in this game combines various elements of humor and freedom. In playing this game we will act as ship crews who must work together in adventure and control ships.

13.State of Decay 2
It is one of the open world games with the theme of a living corpse. Where the story line is taken in this game is based on a huge island full of zombies. So to play this game we have to survive the zombie attack.